Versatile and efficient

This equipment can be used for a multitude of products (paprika, spices, flour, feed products ….) getting them all sterilization results that can exceed 99.9% effective.


Respectful with the environment


The system used for sterilization is water steam, widely used in industry and medicine, non-polluting, non-toxic, totally innocuous. The treated product has no waste, meeting the highest standards for human food in every country.



This equipment works in a continuous cycle, 24 hours, without interruptions, allowing parameter changes along the way, achieving a high output with very low cost.

High production

It can process 1000 Kg/ hour of paprika with the maximum efficiency, being able to achieve 1500 Kg/hour depending on the sterilization needs.

Technologically advanced

The control of the process is completely computerized, allowing access to all of the data about performed treatments even to those which were made years ago, at once obtaining   lists, graphs and historical of each of these treatments. The equipment is provided with a port to connect it to the net, having access to the development of the process in real time, from any computer connected to the net (production manager office, laboratory, management…). At the same time you can connect through the internet with our technical service that will check the equipment, make adjustments, update the process programme, etc. without having to travel.

A safe choice

It is guaranteed by tens of equipments working all over the world, some of them for more than ten years.

Satisfaction Guaranty

It is proved by customers who, after using our equipments, have trusted again in Raphanel when acquiring new equipments.

Complete from the beginning to the end.

From the product feeding to the final bagging of the product, including assembly, installation, commissioning and the necessary training for its use and maintenance.

The necessary room to place this equipment is minimal. The whole line can take up less than 100 m2 without using foundation or additional infrastructure.



Raphanel sterilizing equipment is intended for the sterilization of food products, coming from dehydrated raw materials, leaf or powdered, with particle sizes not exceeding 20 mm.esquema